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WordPress Tutorial Videos

Are you are new to using WordPress, and tired of watching amateurish videos on YouTube and other on line video sources that just increases your confusion on where to find good information on how to use WordPress properly?  Then it might just be time to take a look at one of the more professional WordPress video tutorial courses on the internet. One of the top sources we have found is WP101.

Here are a few short excerpt from their website that speaks for itself:

“WP101 is the fastest and easiest way to learn how to use WordPress, but we’ll admit we’re a little biased. That’s why we invite you to try WP101 for 30 days. If you don’t learn how to use WordPress like you had hoped, simply let us know and we’ll refund your full purchase price. No strings attached. How does that sound?”

“Tired of homemade YouTube videos filled with ‘uhs’ and ‘ums?’ Our videos are meticulously scripted with the beginner in mind, then professionally recorded and produced. Watch anytime, anywhere from your favorite device…  — WP101 

Quickbooks Online Recurring Payment Software

FREE 30 Day Trial – Automate Recurring Invoice Payments with Seamless Quickbooks Integration

Key Features and Benefits

  • Accept ACH or Credit Card Payments Online

o ACH payments save the business credit card fees & reduces customer debt

o Compatible with most credit card merchant accounts including Intuit

o Auto/Recurring ACH & Credit Card payments – setup by business or payer

o Customers can pay w/o an account by entering invoice # from link on your website

o Add surcharges

o Allow credit card payments per customer

o Setup installment plans

o Mobile payment version for the payer

  • Auto Sync with QuickBooks

o No need to “send” invoices, B&P sends automatically

o Payments automatically applied to invoices and moved to un-deposited funds

o Payments applied to jobs with unique payer account login option

o Built-in setup to existing QB Intuit Merchant accounts

o Bank deposit is total invoice amount – transaction fees deducted at month end

o Add new customers and payments in B&P, sync to QB w/o needing an invoice first

  • Business Benefits

o Easy set-up wizard and user-friendly screens

o Branded as the business – emails, customer portal, custom messaging

o Customer Invitation letters:  print, email, customize

o Automatic payment reminder emails

o Credit card expiration reminder emails sent automatically

o Free remote access via web for staff to access client A/R (w/no access to QB)

o Accept payments over the phone

o Attach supporting pdf documentation with invoices

  • Customer portal features

o Clean, easy to use, branded as the business

o Up to 36 months of history – view all invoices, payments and credit memos

o Access to all payment types:  cash, checks, online, phone

o Thank you email sent to customer after payment

o If customer’s account entered by customer; business doesn’t collect or see

o Up to 3 customer email addresses

  • Support

o Knowledgeable and responsive USA customer service team

o Priority given to all enhancement requests

  • Other

o Payer applies payment or partial payments to specific invoices – no errors applying wrong invoice

o View deposits for cash flow purposes w/out access to QB o Month to month contract, business can cancel at any time o  “Easy Invoice” version for non-QB users

2017 Best WordPress Website Hosting

We have been using HostGator since 1997 as our web server hosting provider. If you have a WordPress website or blog, you may want to take advantage of their optimized hosting package for WordPress website. Cloud based and 2-3 time faster than the overly advertised retail web hosting companies you see advertised on TV.

Right now they are running a promotional special for WordPress hosting.

If you are in need of a low cost, high quality wordpress hosting solution, you can’t find a better one than HostGator!

Watching the News Can Be Hazardous to Your Health

Folks, if there was a way to take real time blood pressure and stress level readings of America while watching the evening news, it would certainly be at an all time high this week.  The vitriol, shouting matches and bulging veins on the heads of our so called “leaders” in Washington have reached an all time high! In fact, it can actually be very unhealthy for viewers to watch for any extended period of time. Watch and see if someone doesn’t file a lawsuit against a network for projecting too much anger on its viewership.  Just kidding but a warning to all…just be careful if you have a heart condition or you are prone to stroke.  Watching more than 30 minutes of CNN or MSNBC or even Fox in any one sitting is likely to negatively impact your vital signs.  Look for blood pressure medication and anti anxiety prescription sales to go through the roof this winter!

What’s really sad about all this projected political anger and hysteria s how awful our country is looking to viewers watching outside of the U.S. Our media is blindly playing right into hands of those foreign powers who seek to discredit American society and its past values and morality. Putin is winning in this game using the U.S. media as a sometimes willing tool. He must be laughing his ass off in fact. The U.S. media is falling right into his trap – aiding the process of ripping ourselves apart as a nation.  We look like the “Dis-United States of America” to the world right now.  Wake up my brothers and sisters of all races, creed and gender. We are Americans first!  The recent behavior on both sides of the political spectrum is disgusting and needs to be dialed back if we are to retain any self respect as a nation!.  THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS AN ELECTION REDO!   If you are a Democrat your next opportunity is on 2020.  Dems need to stop with the “Hail Mary” passes AFTER time has officially run out in the Super Bowl and the other side is celebrating on the field! The outgoing President (and even the loser Hillary Clinton) can make some REAL history by taking the high road making an effort to openly rally around WORKING WITH REPUBLICANS for the good of AMERICA as a NATION not foster even more division and divisiveness to the detriment of their own party.  WE ARE AMERICANS FIRST ARE WE NOT ??

read more…

DNC Shot Itself In The Foot!

Following on complaints about how the intelligence findings have been portrayed in the media, President-elect Trump tweeted that he’s asked congressional committee leaders to “investigate top secret intelligence shared with NBC prior to me seeing it.”

BURIED IN THE STORY!   —>   In another twist, following reports that the FBI never accessed the Democratic National Committee’s servers as part of their probe, a senior FBI official told Fox News the bureau did in fact ask – and was denied.

“The FBI repeatedly stressed to DNC officials the necessity of obtaining direct access to servers and data, only to be rebuffed until well after the initial compromise had been mitigated,” the official said. “This left the FBI no choice but to rely upon a third party for information. These actions caused significant delays and inhibited the FBI from addressing the intrusion earlier.”

Fox News’ Catherine Herridge and Matthew Dean and The Associated Press both contributed to this report. 

Dems To Help GOP Obtain Senate Super Majority

Obstructionist Democrats may help hand a super majority to Republicans either during the Mid Term elections in 2018 or in 2020. Of course this assumes that the President Elect will keep his campaign promises, especially to bring jobs back to the U.S and repeal and replace the horrid Obamacare fiasco. With many more Democrat Senate Seats being up for re-election in just two years, there is an excellent chance that the GOP will pick up several more seats in the Senate, especially if their party is viewed as obstructionist by independents and moderate democrats. Some of these seats will be from states which turned RED during the 2016 election.

Whether he wants to vocalize it or not, this fact will weigh heavily on Chuck Schumer (D-NY) the new Senate Minority leader who takes that role in 2017. Just be sure to separate the sound bites and leftist rhetoric from him, from the reality of negotiating behind the scenes with the incoming administration and those democrats that will up for Senate re-election.  THE SHOE IS  NOW ON THE OTHER FOOT and that FOOT is wearing a sharpened cleated boot!  The chickens have come home to roost!

How many seats does it take to hold a Super Majority in the U.S. Senate?

  • In theory 67 out of the 100 seats.  Remember however that the Vice President has the tie breaking vote.

When is a Super Majority needed in the US Senate?

  • To override a Presidential Veto (2/3 majority in both the House and the Senate — Article 1, Section 7)
  • Ratify a treaty (2/3 majority in the Senate — Article 2, Section 2)
  • Passing of a Constitutional Amendment by Congress (2/3 majority in both the House and the Senate — Article 5)

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