By Zardoz Z. Bachman

Just watched an interesting documentary on the History Channel about the so called “Bible Codes”. Sort of another version of hindsight prophecy similar to Nostradamus quatrains…. you know, “seek and ye shall find”. I am starting to become less skeptical. The two do seem to have some cross correlations and gives one pause to concider a few things. What if in the end, the answers are in front of us all along, we were just too ignorant to take them seriously ? Or for another perspective, why do we need answers at all ? The beauty is in the journey and discovery that takes us from one moment of time to the next. The facts are just the path to follow in the journey. (Very philosophical – excuse me.)

We may have lost any sense of spirituality in our present culture. That being said, it appears we would prefer the hedonistic and materialistic society that has evolved instead. Maybe as a society it is time to take spirituality and the understanding of our place in the universe more seriously. It is not all about silicon and nano-technology. We still seem to act like we believe we are at the center of said universe and are the controllers of it ! As a species we seem to be consumed by the here and now and are thinking less and less about the future and our collective legacy. The cosmic roadmap will continue whether we “understand” it or not… that is the beauty of it ! We don’t need a crystal ball to be in awe of it !! The facts we uncover in science are just the footsteps of the journey.