By Zardoz Z. Bachman

Hat’s off to the Carolina Panthers. The consummate underdog in yesterday’s lopsided NFC playoff game. From the first moments of the game, it was clear that the feisty Carolina Nascar Dads came to play football. The story was far from the same with the cheese steak eating Eagles. Not only did they get their wings clipped, They did it in front of thousands of OVER CONFIDENT and uppity Eagles fans.

There was so much over confidence in the past week in the media from Philly fans, one would have thought Philadelphia would be the only team on the field yesterday. Less than 5 min was spent in the Philly media cautioning about Carolina’s running game. I don’t know what they had to be so confident about since they made it to yesterday’s game on a single miracle play with plenty of help from an excessively paranoid Green Bay coaching staff. Green Bay was taking it to them for almost the entire game.

Carolina is a team in the genre of Rodney Dangerfield… hard for them to get any respect. I, for one, hope Carolina beats the snot out of that other arrogant team, New England, in the next big show in two weeks.

New England fans see the Patriots as the second coming to their pathetic Red Sox baseball team, sometimes confusing the two in their typically warped, dysfunctional “fantasy” style of thinking. Case in point… The last time the Patriots won the SuperBowl, the day after, when the parades were held in Boston, fans were shouting “Yankees Suck”! So emotionally dysfunctional, distrubed and deeply rooted is their agony and torture with being a consummate “cursed” looser to New York in baseball, that they were actually fantasying the Pats as their surrogate baseball team !! How pathetic. One truly has to feel some pity for New England’s confused and misguided fans… The Bambino has apparently inflicted mass psychosis to an entire region of the U.S.

In two weeks they get to act out their warped distorted fantasies again…. New England fans… pisst… It’s not baseball ! It’s not the Yankees ! And, by the way, the Carolina Panthers come from Carolina, not New York, as much as you might regret that!! Take some Prozac and see a therapist – collectively you all need it.