By Zardoz Z. Bachman

Today President Bush announced a vision for having man colonize the moon and develop it as a base for future space exploration. Men from Earth would invade Mars ! Certainly ironic in contrast to the 50’s science fiction obsession anyone of the age over 50 may remember. “Invaders from Mars” redux.

The strategic advantages of having a moon base, may also have geopolitical overtones. Surely there will be those nations suspicious of our intentions.

The president may have missed an opportunity to characterize this vision in terms of uniting more nations for a common external good. The “vision” of an Isreali and Palistinian space explorer working together in space for instance might have been a powerful one, and contrasting this vision with those of terrorist organizations that would have us return to living in caves and turning back the progress of Western Civilization, might have been a powerful image and message……

Perhaps he may paint such a vision, or reference to it, in the State of the Union address next week….