Yahoo! News – Dean Reprises Election Night Rant

One can tell from this article that Mr. Dean is clearly in the damage control mode. Such activity will continue to distract the public from any message he has outside of Bush bashing. The strategy now seems for him to “play” with that image of an out of control madman to the point that it looses it’s imprinting factor with the public. It might work… to keep him in the hunt in the campaign, but the persona instability will haunt any swing moderate or independent voters who will be concerned about his electability.

Well at least he admits this is his natural personality. You’ll get what you see. No Fear of being himself that’s for sure. (Except now… that won’t last… it’s too confining for his style and looks contrived now.) We DID see the real Mr. Dean this week. I’ll give him that. The fear is in the mind of the observer as they conjure up this personality type dealing with a crisis !!