Yahoo! News – Temperatures Hit Record Lows in Northeast: “Temperatures Hit Record Lows in Northeast ”

It is freezing today … will be interesting watching the NFL Playoff this weekend. Spent some time outside and it’s brutal !

Speaking of brutal,… things are really heating up in the IOWA caucus… Dean is starting to appear more and more defensive in the media regardless of how he tries to spin things to cover his foot in mouth syndrome. What I find so interesting about the media coverage of this campaing so far is how their pirahna tactics change and influence voter’s and poll perceptions. Selective negativism. It is as though the voter masses are lemmings, making sure they are aligned with the rest of the crowd in their thinking. We love winners. No one wants to admit they supported a looser…. so this becomes a self fulfilling prophecy facilitated by the constant media barrage of every comment and facial expression of these 8 wanna be ‘s.

We need more independent thinking in this country…. More people who can think for themselves and are not afraid to say they have no “party” affiliation and reject the mainstream. Too many agendas in these party platforms that get in the way of making the right decisions for the right moment in time.

Take amnesty for illegal immigrants for example. We do this while higher paying american worker’s jobs are moving overseas. If this keeps up we should annex Mexico as a 51st state ! Then Washington leaders can say … “Look at all the job growth in America” !

Job growth through country aquisition !!! Now there’s a twist !