By Zardoz Z. Bachman

Still waiting for my DNS servers to update our website. In the meantime I had a wild day today at work. The outsourcing pressures there are increasing. I mean the real bad kind, off shore outsourcing.

Every consulting company seems to be on the payroll of the Indian and Chinese governments these days, recommending work be done there for the cheapest price. At least that’s the impression I’m getting. Well, that’s what Clinton wanted… A new world order…. a “global community”…. and now we have it! The U.S. wanted the rest of the world to become capitalist. Now we have that too…! China included….! They (China and India, as well as other low cost labor producing nations) will turn out to be the biggest economic threat to the US worker that we have seen since the 1930s depression!!

How ironic!! … World capitalism becoming the biggest threat to the U.S. Economy in history!

When is America going to wake up….? Multi national US companies, that originated in this country, that owe their very existence to this country, are abandoning it’s own people in search of “cheap labor” without any sense of moral shame. Nothing new, it has been going on for the last 5 years with a vengeance. Problem I see now the decisions being made on what to keep and what to outsource are indiscriminate. Companies are risking even their brand image to get lower labor costs! I hope the political backlash bites them all in the ass….

Sad part, we are now exporting our intellectual labor as well as our manual labor !!!

I have never been big on protectionism, but at what point does a government step in and protect IT’S people ?? My sense it will be happening in a big way soon…