BBC NEWS | UK | Politics | WMD pressure builds up for Blair: “The prime minister is facing growing pressure to say the basis for going to war in Iraq was flawed.”

And so it goes… As both world leaders begin to look like they have been had by faulty “intelligence”. The CIA directors should be held accountable… Both in this administration and in the last as well as in Britain. The entire idea of current WMD stockpiles could have been played down if they had better intelligence, and instead more spin on POTENTIAL production and proximity of completion should have been used.

Of course that would not have been an acceptable justification for the U.S. to sanction an invasion, therefore, the White House decided to roll the dice just in case. Personally, I have no problem with that… They should have taken this guy out in the first war. But not having your facts straight sooner or later always bites you in the ass. Even though they might not have hard facts of possession, the POTENTIAL THREAT surely was there. I think the majority of American people know this and do feel better with Saddam gone.

The problem now is, how to get democratic stability in that country without it turning into another radical fundamentalist state ?