By Zardoz Z. Bachman

Yesterday President Bush spent some quality time with distinguished journalist Tim Russert. I must say that the impression one gets is that the president is very sincere and serious about protecting the American people, first and foremost. He does not appear to feel we should be held hostage by the UN or any other organization when it comes to this top priority.

The real question is… Just how good or bad has been the intelligence he has been receiving, keeping in mind that the case for WMD was made long before the Bush administration by the UN itself ! The intelligence we had about the immediacy of the threat is what is in question. Not the potential…. The potential has always been there, and I for one do not shed any tears that it is a threat no longer.

What concerns me is how is it that not just the US but several nations had intelligence that seemed to support the notion that Iraq was an immediate danger ?

Hindsight is always 20/20. The senate and congress leaders saw the same intelligence reports that the president based his request on to go to congress for approval. Congress saw the same information and then gave the President the approval to invade Iraq. The UN was a detour and nothing more.

I think the President was too much on the defensive. There is a difference between a not having accurate information to base a decision on and a lie.

At least he took action and in fact is still taking action. I have grave concerns about some unconfirmed stories that are being reported in the Middle Eastern press regarding radical elements possibly already having in their possession, from former Ukraine scientists, some form of nuclear WMD. Is this just scare tactics ? With the intelligence quality these days no one knows what to think !

The President is right…. We can’t wait to become a victim and see perhaps 100,000 American citizens evaporated in a US city. We have to take this aggressively to the source of the radical behavior. This proliferation needs to be stopped NOW. Any nation that does not work with us on this problem IS part of the problem.

Our credibility may be a bit shattered from the questionable intelligence, but that does NOT change the fact that Iraq was a security threat to the US at some point and that Islamic terroists still see the US and Israel as their main targets to eradicate.