By Zardoz Z. Bachman

Well the NFL executives are getting what they deserved. Where what were they thinking contracting with MTV to provide the half time entertainment ? Watching that cheap display for publicity and shock value under scores the shift in culture and respect for others within this country. Someone should be held accountable… and it should be the CBS executives. An example needs to be made as this phenomenon continues to grow as one performer tries to out do another for shock value.

Janet… you are not very smart. There must be something seriously wrong within your gene pool… that’s the only conclusion a reasonable person can come to. Is all of the attention that your brother has been getting bothering you ? Want more of your own little girl ? Didn’t get enough from Mom and Dad in your younger years…. ?

I suggest you make an appointment with the shrink your brother will be assigned to when his case is over…. ! In fact it should be a family affair.