By Zardoz Z. Bachman

The President will be on Tim Russert’s Meet the Press this morning. Finally, as John Kerry appears to be emerging as the democratic front runner, GW is beginning to take aim. Regardless of what one thinks about the events leading up to the decision to invade Iraq, if one is truthful with ones self, you know it was the right thing to do given the circumstances. Yes… IS WAS unfinished business. And yes… The world, especially the, US, has also reduced the likelihood of a significant threat from that regime. That regime is no more.

We need to take the offensive with terrorist groups as well as the regimes that support them. Regardless of who they are or what their overt pretenses of the past may have been. Libya may have been a quick learner. The Saudis should also take heed as well. Their hands are not clean as they have turned a blind eye to the rhetoric and fanatical fundamentalism within their own borders. Tolerating schools fermenting hate of America and the west while they call themselves “Friends of the US in their 30 second propaganda spots on American TV.”

No — we should not let up at all. Changing the leadership in this country at this stage would not only send a message to terrorists that they are winning the psychological war, it will give them an even greater incentive to strike again to show the Islamic world of the power of their methodology. It would appear to the fanatics that they have the Great Satan of the west on the run. More fuel for would be terrorists as they will see their strategy as bearing fruit. Americans have no stomach for the long haul is what they will be thinking. They will feel THEY are winning and WE are loosing because we have NO will to defeat them ! I hope my fellow Americans all consider this when they enter the voting booth in November. To think otherwise would be creating a false illusion of security, wishing to return to the days of false prosperity. We had our blinders on during the Clinton administration.

There is NOT SUCH THING as a PERFECT WAR…. Not even one in the 21st Century. Let’s keep this in perspective during the ritual of the fall political mating dance. Remember this as the ballons fall from the ceilings during the conventions.

– zzb