Anger Over Attack Puts Spain’s Socialists in Power “MADRID (Reuters) – Spain’s opposition Socialists have swept to power in a sensational election upset sparked by popular anger over the government’s handling of a suspected al Qaeda attack on commuter trains that killed 200 people… – Adrian Croft / Reuters”

This turn of events should make a number of Republicans sit up and take notice. There is no doubt that once the word got out that the Spanish government appeared to be using the bombing to implicate ETA that there was a backlash. It appears the backlash was a result of the video tape where Al Queda claimed to take ownership for the Madrid bombings. No doubt the Spanish people felt their government made them a target by supporting the U.S. THIS IS EXACTLY what the terrorists were trying to achieve. Amazing ! This does not bode well for us, as the resultant change in political shift to the left will validate the efforts of the terrorists into blackmailing each country that supports the aggressive elimination of terrorism. What they are doing is exploiting the one paradoxical weakness of democracy. Strike enough fear in the hearts of a large enough number of people, hold them hostage psychologically, and they will choose to “surrender” as a “ransom” by electing the weaker and softer candidate. They strategy will drive more isolationism around the world which in turn can only hurt, not help, the cause of fighting terrorism.

This action by the Spanish people falls right into this terrorist agenda, and predictably, will reinforce in their idea that given enough fear, democracy will choose and elect the softer candidate in an effort to be spared and avoid being a future target. This can be a very alarming trend as now the group responsible for the Madrid tragedy, and others, will see it as a victory ! Wake up Europe.. Western Civilization and culture are the real targets !!!