I have been away on a very hectic business trip. Looks like more pain and consternation for our people. The pressure on outsourcing is fierce. Much to the delight of the Chindians. Chindia you ask ? Yes — that’s the name for the new corporate promised land. Didn’t you know? If you are a CEO or a board member of any Fortune 500 company you are staying awake at night figuring how you can get more of your workforce to Chindia ! Land of cheap labor, virtually non existent labor laws, and oh yes, no corporate enviornmental restrictions. Land of milk and honey for amoral corporate greedy !

Anyway… I’m back and will make an effort to keep some of the information fresh for my guests. I’d like to leave the last post behind me and try to get it out of my minds. It has been tough on everyone and have made all of think that we can’t pull out. We need to finish what we have started and erradicate this cancer that is spreading throughout the world.