US News Article | “By Michael Kahn and Jim Christie

SACRAMENTO (Reuters) – The early tally in a statewide California vote showed a commanding lead for a proposal to issue a record $15 billion bond, the centerpiece of Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger’s plan to refinance the state’s debt and avoid a crippling budget shortfall. “

Amazing ! He is doing it ! He is getting some things accomplished in the Golden State. Instead of iron Arnold has been pumping Prop 57 & 58 it looks like they are going to pass with a wide margin. I was out on the coast last week and saw some slick TV ads supporting it. Very nice. Arnold is using his media savy and PR know how to make his case to the people. I am sure he will be surprising his critics. Right on Arnold. Good luck. Now share some of that know how with Mr. Bush. He can use it ! — zzb