Pakistani Troops Kill 24 in Terror Hunt: “Pakistani Troops Kill 24 in Terror Hunt


Published: March 16, 2004

Filed at 1:13 p.m. ET

WANA, Pakistan (AP) — Pakistani troops killed 24 suspects in a fierce crackdown Tuesday on al-Qaida and Taliban fugitives in the rugged tribal regions bordering Afghanistan, the army spokesman said.

At least eight Pakistani soldiers were killed and 15 wounded in the operation.

Troops attacked a large fortified mud-brick compound with mortar and machine gun fire shortly after 5 a.m. near Wana, in Pakistan’s South Waziristan region, just a few miles from the Afghan border, army spokesman Gen. Shaukat Sultan told The Associated Press.”

We should give Musarif a medal. This guy is taking one hell of a gamble. He knows he is now committed to supporting the fight on terroism for his own survival. If we abandon this fight and him in his part of the world then we have lost all common sense as a country. The EU should take notice. — zzb