12 Marines, 66 Iraqis Killed in Battles: “NAJAF, Iraq – Iraqi insurgents and rebellious Shiites mounted a string of attacks across the south and fought pitched battles against Marines in the turbulent city of Fallujah on Tuesday. Up to a dozen Marines, two more coalition soldiers and at least 66 Iraqis were reported killed.

Reports from the city of Ramadi, near Fallujah, said dozens of Iraqis attacked a Marine position near the governor’s palace, a senior defense official said from Washington. ‘A significant number’ of Marines were killed, and initial reports indicate it may be up to a dozen, said the official, speaking on condition of anonymity”

The fighting intensifies in Iraq…. the radical mullahs are stirring up the recent trouble in their quest to dominate Iraqi society. They smell this opportunity now that Sadam has been driven out of power. I can’t understand why the media does not make this dynamic more clear. It appears odd to me that the Iraqis can proclaim this terrorist violence in the name of their religion, yet the West refuses to admit that this IS a holy war… one in which the West cannot afford to loose. If liberal democrats value their freedom to speak and do whatever they please, they should be on the other side of this issue and instead support the President. Instead they prefer to hide their heads in the sand and delude themselves that if we pull out the “problem” will just go away! It is time to take it to them where they live and NOT make the mistakes made in Vietnam. Win this WAR !!