Yahoo! News – Falluja Cleric Denounces U.S. Civilians’ Mutilation: “FALLUJA, Iraq (Reuters) – A cleric in Falluja Friday denounced the mutilation of four U.S. security contractors killed in an ambush, and residents said American forces vowing a response should remember only a few people were responsible.

The four Americans were killed in the town west of Baghdad Wednesday. A jubilant crowd then burned and kicked the bodies, dragging them through the streets.

The U.S. Army promised an “overwhelming” response, saying Marines in charge of the area would pacify the town — a hotbed of occupation resistance — and hunt down those responsible.

On Friday, in one of Falluja’s Sunni mosques, Sheikh Hamid Saleh denounced the mutilation, although he did not explicitly condemn the killing of the Americans.”

If this does not point out where the real direction and permisivness of the anti-American sentiment originates than we are all ignorant and just denying reality. The clerics have the real control and power over the will of these “people”. – zzb