HoustonChronicle.com – Despite bike spill, Bush celebrates with daughter: “AUSTIN — President Bush, slightly injured after a mountain bike mishap at his Crawford ranch, had dinner Saturday night in Austin to celebrate daughter Jenna’s graduation from the University of Texas.

Bush was riding his bicycle downhill near the end of a 17-mile ride when he fell off, suffering abrasions to his face, right hand and both knees, according to spokesman Trent Duffy.

Bush was wearing a bike helmet ” – Houston Chronicle

This will not be the only spill the President is likely to take this year. If the situation in Iraq does not stabilize by August, he will have fallen right out of office. If the Iraqi situation does stabilize, and he deals with the so called prisoner “abuses” quickly and fairly, GW and the republican party will make it through. Much depends on what image Kerry can conjure up for himself given the economy is growing. Mr. President, better keep the helmet and shin guards on ! Main Street media will be his biggest adversary. –zzb