ScrappleFace: Kerry: More Troops Would Protect Enemies from Abuse: “2004-05-28) — Democrat presidential hopeful John Forbes Kerry today promised to add 20,000 more Military Police to the U.S. force to help protect enemy prisoners from abuse by existing troops, and another 20,000 to protect American civil rights at home.

‘We have enough troops assigned to killing the enemy,’ said Mr. Kerry, ‘but there’s a yawning dearth of troops to keep an eye on the troops, and to watch ordinary Americans at home to make sure they have enough civil rights. If elected, I will station troops overseas to monitor our soldiers, and soldiers on the streets of major American cities to enforce human rights.’

Mr. Kerry conceded that, eventually, even more troops would be needed to monitor the behavior of the MPs and stateside ‘street monitors’.

‘If we’re going to occupy cities like Baghdad, Najaf, Boston or Kansas City,’ he said, ‘we need to ensure that we’re adhering to the highest ethical standards to avoid a repeat of my experience committing atrocities in Vietnam.'” – Scrapple Face

Kerry is really reaching here. Left wing democrats want us to cut and run out of Iraq. Kerry however wants to add more troops… TO PROTECT IRAQI PRISIONERS from our soldiers !! He wants to add soldiers to watch other over our soldiers and protect prisoners ? — How about adding more troops to kill the enemy ?? His logic is disgusting !! To say this on a day we dedicate a memorial to WWII veterans ! It is like slapping the military across the face ! What are your thoughts? – zzb