By Zardoz Z. Bachman

During an interview with Tim Russert on Meet the Press, the head of the House Democrats Nancy Pelosi was in tears after Tim Russert pointed out that her draconian remarks are bordering on hatred for the President and in fact putting American lives at risk. When he confronting her with remarks from Senator Tom Delay(R), who very pointedly criticised Sen. Pelosi for making comments to undermine the President’s authority as Commander in Chief in front of the troops — her tear ducts began to emit copius ammounts of moisture. At one point, Pelosi took out a hankie and dried them, recognizing, perhaps, that her remarks may indeed have been over the top and in fact potentially giving moral support to the enemy. At the very least it made the viewer wonder just how far this deep hatred lies for the President by the Minority leader. The display of emotionalism does nothing to inspire strength from the Democratic side of the aisle. Making one ask about the motivations behind such leadership. What would they have done differently when we were held hostage by the US Security Council given the information at hand at the time on WMD from MULTIPLE national intelligence agencies.

The Democrats are going down a slippery slop here. Their anti-war rhetoric on the left does not wash with Kerry’s NON STANCE on Iraq which is fundamentally no different than that of the President. What specifically would he be doing differently if indeed he does not believe in pulling out ? He has NOT committed to pulling out, or providing a deadline for pulling out. How is this different to the President’s policy and strategy?

Pelosi’s display indicates the undercurrent level of weakness being projected by the left in the Democratic party. This hurts them. Does mainstream America really want that level of emotionalism during a conflict? The party of “cut and run” is how they are beginning to be branded. The yellow party. Kerry is in a box. There does not seem to be any clear plan from the democrats except to BASH BUSH at all costs as though somehow this will cause Republicans and Independents to vote Democratic ! What shallow thinking.

Al Gore — is antoher prime example. Going on a Dean like rant, openly criticizing the leadership and the entire administration this past week in an effort to energize the left side of the party and inject some emotion in the so far boring campaign for the Democrats, ala Kerry’s persona. Talk about giving terrorists a reason to rally! The Gore speech was a text book case of it. This would have been unheard of from a former senator during WWII in the 40’s ! What happened to America’s nationalism and support for their President in a time of national attack? The islamic terrorists MUST feel that they are getting traction on the psychological warfront here in the states. Raising the spector that perhaps a signficant act over the summer will help tip it over the edege as it did in Spain to support their agenda. The current rhetoric on the part of democrats are putting us ALL at risk ! Indirectly increasing the likely hood for a another tragedy as the enemy now sees the door opening in American resolve as open criticism of the President from top ranking congressional leaders increases. Fueling hope that Bush will be gone in November and achieving a moral victory over the U.S. Will they be right ? Or will Americans support each other, democrats and republicans and get behind our current leadserhip as we did in the early months after 9/11 BEFORE party politics reared it’s ugly head? Time will tell. Let’s stop playing into the hands of the enemy. Work quitely behind the scenes with the President. In my opinion, remarks from high government officials which give comfort and aid to the enemy, are unnacceptable from a minority leader in a time of conflict. If anyone should resign it should be Nancy Pelosi – zzb