By Zardoz Z. Bachman

Isn’t it interesting that not ONE Middle Eastern leader from an Islamic nation has come out publicly in condemnation of the beheading of an innocent non combatant !! Did anyone hear from any Imams lately repudiating this act ? Yet our media and the media from other nations wants to see our President prostate in from of TV camera’s begging forgiveness for “abusive” treatment of prisoners. What would you call a beheading ? Justifiable in the minds of American journalists because it is a reaction to those images? Next thing we will hear is that President Bush CAUSED this beheading. How stupid can people be. We are falling right into the hands of terrorists and encouraging it by showing weakness. Where is the outrage from the so called Friendly Arab nations in the Middle East. What about hearing some condemnation from the so called Islamic holy men ?

What will it take for the American people to see through this hang the government first media we have. !! Don’t see any shots of kindness from our soldiers… why that would not drive the agenda of debasing America first in everything they print. The NY Times is an outrage. – zzb