Yahoo! News – Berg Died for Bush, Rumsfeld ‘Sins’ – Father: “‘My son died for the sins of George Bush and Donald Rumsfeld. This administration did this,’ Berg said in an interview with radio station KYW-AM two days after a video showing the execution of his son was shown on an Islamist Web site.

In the interview from outside his home in West Chester, Pennsylvania, a seething Michael Berg also said his 26-year-old son, a civilian contractor, probably would have felt positive, even about his executioners, until the last minute”

Well here it is. I said someone would accuse President Bush of causing the death of this innocent man. I know how this father must feel. What was his son doing there, and how on earth can you blame the President for this ? This is a far cry from prisoner abuse… this is MURDER ! What is wrong with people? Don’t go to Iraq if you are afraid of being killed if you are an American !! It’s that simple. And if you go.. out of humanitarian reasons and you are killed… don’t blame the President. This is a risk you were willing to take ! Unless you were a soldier and had no legal choice, you should have understood the risks. You can be murdered in any city in the world. This was murder for political purpose AKA Terrorism. – zzb