The chickens are coming home to roost in Canada. There has not been any change in crime since they instituted their strict gun control legislation a few years ago. The following is an article from 2nd Amemendment.Com. which points this out.

2nd Amendment News Archive: “In rural Saskatchewan as elsewhere on the Prairies, the gun registry is the issue that the rest of Canada forgot.

Dough Hacking has been hunting since he was 16 years old. ‘In this part of the country, there’s an offence to it (the registry). People feel it’s a way of life that’s threatened,’ he explained, taking a break from checking out a rifle at Buck Horn Sports in Yorkton.

The city lies in the gently rolling parkland of the eastern part of central Saskatchewan, surrounded mainly by grain farms. The northern part of the riding is heavily forested.

Over half the population of the Yorkton-Melville riding is over the age of 40. Twenty-one per cent of the total population of 70,445 are seniors, making it one of Canada’s oldest ridings. Just under seven per cent have a university certificate, diploma or degree.

Yorkton is an agricultural area. Firearms aren’t considered weapons; they’re tools for farmers like George Chornomud to use to protect their chickens from varmints. ‘Coyotes, mink and raccoons come in my yard to get my birds. I gotta protect them,’ he said.

Dissenting voices are hard to find. Even Dave Taylor, the local Pentacostal minister, owns around six guns. ‘It’s a heritage. I really believe there’s a right to bear arms,’ he said.”