By Zardoz Z. Bachman

What I will remember most about Ronald Reagan was that he was the President that brought self esteem back to the U.S. after a period of darkness and despair.

After the humiliation we suffered under the Carter administration at the hands of the Iranians, President Reagan restored the sense of optimism for the future in what was a country wallowing in pity for itself. Some of you might be too young to remember the day after day bombardment in the media of images of captive American hostages in Tehran. Blindfolded American civilians being held captive after our Embassy was stormed by Islamic Fundamentalists. Carter did virtually nothing about it except for authorizing a bungled botched rescue mission by a military that he and the democrats had cut to the bone. Helicopters used for the rescue were not fitted properly for a desert rescue and they went down in the desert due to “dust” in their engines. Lives were lost, and virtually nothing else was done after this attempt to gain their release.

It was not until it became clear in the days leading up to the election of Ronald Reagan did the Iranians release their captives hearing on CNN and other networks of his commanding lead in the polls. The threat of reprisal was made very clear by Mr. Reagan during his campaign and to avoid a full scale war, the American hostages were released.

Folks forget this. His sheer persona alone brought back a sense of pride in the country once again. His persistence in making it clear to the Soviet Union that we would defend ourselves in space in an SDI (Strategic Defensive Initiative) and could out invent and out spend the Soviets convinced their leaders that the best way for their country to prosper in the world community was Glastnoss. Openness. So began the end of the Soviet states and the end of the Berlin Wall.

He was a great President indeed, ending the 40 year old Cold War on his watch! A Presidency that may go down in history as having left a legacy for the voice of Freedom on par with Roosevelt and Lincoln. – zzb