This “article” in Scraple Face can make you wet your pants. I suspect it is a parody, because it is too funny to be anything else…

ScrappleFace: Kerry Feels ‘Affinity’ for Stem Cells: “Kerry Feels ‘Affinity’ for Stem Cells

(2004-06-21) — Democrat presidential hopeful John Forbes Kerry today revealed that his support for expanding the use of taxpayer dollars to do research on embryonic stem cells comes from a ‘deep feeling of affinity’ that he shares with the stem cells.

‘I admire stem cells,’ said Mr. Kerry, who is a U.S. Senator. ‘I admire them because you don’t know what they’re going to be yet, and they could be anything. As the situation demands, they could become brain, blood or sinew. And they’re not ashamed of being adaptable to the exigencies of the moment.’

While research has shown that adult stem cells, which can be harvested without killing the human, might be more effective with fewer negative consequences, Mr. Kerry said he still supports embryonic stem cell research since it ‘makes practical use of a plentiful natural resource, the byproduct of a woman’s right to choose.’

‘It’s environmentally friendly to recycle this waste product, rather than to allow it to clog our nation’s overflowing landfills,’ he said.” — Scott Ott

The chameleon like nature of Mr. Kerry is captured in the above … his admiration for stem cells reflecting his own willow in the wind attributes. Too funny….if any of these comments are accurate he is a bigger idiot than I first imagined. My compliments to Scott Ott !

However… What’s even funnier is how the series of posts that followed the article turned into a major debate around the existance of God !!!