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ScrappleFace: Kerry Lauded for Iraq Sovereignty, Praises Bush: “Born To Lose

Born to lose,

I always look so calm,

That’s because I served in Vietnam.

You can see why I had my career,

I had medals coming out my rear.

Born to lose,

I can’t make up my mind,

’cause my mind is kinda hard to find.

I may flip and flop,but please recall,

Though I lose I NEVER EVER FALL.

Born to lose, I’m coming to the end,

But BillandHill will always be my friend.

All my life , my wives have bought my pants.

Born to lose, I’ll just go live in France.

Posted by: Prettyold at June 29, 2004 03:24 PM “

This bit of light poetry was posted by Prettyold on the Scrappleface site. Rather creative don’t you think?