By Zardoz Z. Bachman

Do you know what you stand for? Observe for a moment the next time you are reading through a thread of comments to a post on the web, or listening to a debate on one of the talking head shows on the network media, the comments that expand on what an individual is against versus the ones that instead focus on what they for.

Do you have the capacity to inspire others with your convictions and principles? Next time you are in a heated argument just try focusing your mind for a moment on what you believe you stand for, what your are committed to, what you might even risk your life to defend, and ask yourself… If it were me would I do in that situation if I had those facts, or if I had to make a decision with little or no information. How much risk would I take? Would I feel responsible of the outcome? How committed am I to the principles I express? What am I willing to risk in order to defend them ?