Yahoo! News – Jordan Willing to Send Troops to Iraq:

“LONDON – Jordan’s King Abdullah II said Thursday his country would be willing to send troops to Iraq (news – web sites), potentially becoming the first Arab state to do so.

The statement marked a major shift in Jordan’s policy toward Iraq. Abdullah had initially refused to send troops.In an interview Thursday with the British Broadcasting Corp. television ‘Newsnight’ program, Abdullah said he wanted to support Iraqi Prime Minister Iyad Allawi’s interim government, which recently assumed control from the U.S.-led coalition.’I presume that if the Iraqis ask us for help directly, it would be very difficult for us to say no,’ he said during the interview in London. ‘Our message to the president or the prime minister is: Tell us what you want. Tell us how we can help, and you have 110 percent support from us.’ ” More

This is exactly what the Administration was hoping for. A coalition of Arab nations to partner with the new Iraqi gov’t is just what GW is counting on over the summer months. This turn of events should John Kerry cringe.– zzb