BBC NEWS Americas US ‘exploring Iranian 9/11 role’: “‘We’re digging into the facts to see if there was one,’ Mr Bush told reporters at the White House.

His comments come after the CIA’s acting chief said some of the hijackers passed through Iran, but there was no evidence Iran was officially involved.

It comes ahead of the publication this week of a final report by a US commission of inquiry into the attacks.

‘We will continue to look and see if the Iranians were involved,’ said Mr Bush. “

Nothing like hindsight being 20/20 ! GW is probably thinking, “Oops… did we invade the wrong country”? Now we know Iran’s nuke development probably surpases that of Iraq. Good luck on getting any UN sanctions to stick now in Iran. France and Russia have too much to loose to let any sanctions just sail through in the Security Council ! GW between a rock and hard place.  – zzb