While the GOP recreates the emotions on 9/11, the French are trying to figure out what went wrong with their strategy. We wonder how puzzled the average French citizen is now with two of their fellow citizens facing death by the very same people they were giving morale support to! How naive to think France would get a free pass from these lunatics!

BBC NEWS | Middle East | French hostages plead for lives. The BBC’s Angus Roxburgh in Paris reports that a large crowd of people gathered in the city’s Trocadero Square on Monday evening, to show their support for Christian Chesnot of Radio France Internationale and Georges Malbrunot of Le Figaro newspaper…

“He says French people have been appalled by their plight, and are baffled that the country’s citizens should have been targeted by Iraqi militants, given France’s vocal opposition to the US-led invasion of Iraq.” – BBC

The French people are baffled ? I guess the policy of European “appeasement” is not very effective is it? — Maybe the French people will now understand the nature of the beast and come to their senses. – zzb