BBC NEWS | Middle East | Talks collapse in Iraqi holy city: “Talks to disarm militants in the Shia Iraqi holy city of Najaf have broken down, the Iraqi government negotiator has announced.”

Every day the stand-off continues, Moqtada Sadr and his men gain more support across the country, our correspondent says, not only from Shia Muslims including those who do not agree with his methods, but also from Sunnis. – BBC

Is anyone surprised? Keep an eye on this one over the weekend. There is a showdown coming up. Victory for the bad guys is the U.S. leave Iraq unprotected. Once we do, this government will fail, the fundamentalist terrorist element will gain full contol, Sunni /Shia cival war will break out, Iran will invade, U.S. will send troop buildups to Afganistan, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia and possibly Isreal and the world will freak. Nostradamus where are you now ?