Reuters News: ATHENS (Reuters) – Iran’s world judo champion Arash Miresmaeili refused to compete against an Israeli Sunday, triggering a fresh crisis at the Olympic Games where race, creed or color are not allowed to interfere with sport !!!

The International Judo Federation (IJF) failed to agree how to deal with the politically explosive issue at an emergency meeting and said it would hold further talks Monday.

The burning issue was whether any penalty would hit Miresmaeili alone or the entire Iranian team.

“There has been no decision and we are considering this situation very carefully,” said IJF spokesman Michel Brousse. More…

So much for the spirit of non political international freiendship in the 2004 Olympics. One has to wonder if the real issue was the prospect of being beaten by a jew in front of the world community was just too much for this follower of the “peaceful” religion of Islam to take. Instead, like his cowardly compatriots hidding in masques and other quasi-religious “sanctuaries” in Najaf Iraq, the yellow streak down the back is wider than most people give them credit for. The entire Iranian delegation should be expelled if they all support Miresmaeili.