Al-Darraji warned that if US occupation forces entered the Imam Ali shrine or tried to capture Muqtada al-Sadr, there will be bloodshed all over the country. US forces have been warned not to approach the Imam Ali shrine “We will not stay silent. We will liberate Iraq fighting under al-Sadr,” he said. “I warn the US occupation forces if they approach Imam Ali shrine, Baghdad and all governorates will carry out operations to eliminate these forces,” he said.

“The ‘terrorist operations’ committed in Iraq are terrible,” al-Darraji said, referring to the attacks by the occupation troops.”If they really want to do something other than talking, they should head towards Najaf and stop the gunfire” Abd al-Hadi al-Darraji, official spokesman for Muqtada al-Sadr “The ‘non-Iraqi’ government is responsible for every blood drop of al-Sadr movement and of all the Iraqis particularly in Najaf,” he said. “We will continue fighting until the last drop of our blood, until the occupation forces pull out of the country dragging their tails behind them,” al-Darraji said. “Our blood will pave the way for those who will liberate Iraq and protect the holy shrines and for those who have refused to disgrace themselves through collaborating with the occupation forces,” he added.

What could be more cowardly than to hide behind a religion and cry sanctuary ! sanctuary!? After killing Iraqis, Amercias and peoples from all parts of the globe there to help free, rebuild and install a representative Iraqi government, this radical group hides in a mosque and cries sanctuary like children. Nothing more than cowards. I guess they identify with the Hunchback in Notre Dame. Watching the old Turner Classics eh ? Clearly a power struggle of Islamic Fundamentalists against any form of government that supports individual freedoms. Islamic forces will go in there, make a stand and the U.S. will provide air support. The world now sees them for what they really are. Come out and fight hand to hand with our Marines or surrender. Amnesty has been given, now the Iraqi gov’t must follow through or loose all credibility. — zzb