United Press International: Analysis:Top Shiite condemns church bombs: “WASHINGTON, Aug. 2 (UPI) — The most significant voice raised in condemnation of Sunday’s wave of bomb attacks on Christian churches in Iraq belonged to Grand Ayatollah Ali Sistani, the Shiite Muslim leader.

‘We denounce and condemn these terrible crimes,’ Sistani declared in a statement Monday. ‘We stress the need to respect the rights of Christians in Iraq and those of other religions, including their right to live in their own home, Iraq, in peace.’ Sistani is considered the most authoritative cleric in Iraq’s Shiite community comprising over 60 percent of the population. His quick reaction was seen as an attempt to distance mainstream Shiites from the bombings.

The bombings — clearly coordinated — were the first open attack on Iraq’s Christian minority, although the community had been under mounting pressure for some time. So far, no group has claimed responsibility, but some Iraqi Christians had privately said Shiite fundamentalists could have been responsible.”

It is about time the Islamic religious leaders began to speak out against this attrocity. Perhaps others will follow. It is hard to imagine that the mainstream muslim would condone these acts. We need to hear from the Al-Sader… let’s see what he has to say.!