By Zardoz Z. Bachman

Today the North East undergoes a color change. From Yellow to Orange on the Terrorist Alert rainbow. NYC, Newark, NJ and Washington law enforcement are all concerned about terrorist attacks on major financial institutions in thsoe cities. By nature, the terrorist will always be at an advantage with respect to target choice and timing unless they have been truely infiltrated by undercover agents. We should all be concerned about back up plans and alternative targets now that this information has been spread across the mainstream media today. Would it be prudent for the the planner to play the meida attention to the hilt to maximize the fear factor, then striking at different targets in a coordinated fashion to undermine our confidence in our security intelligence and maximize the fear factor?

Also what better way to make the administration look foolish then to provide a major head fake and strike in a fashion that was not alerted to the public? Chicago, San Franciso and Boston financial areas would best be on the altert as well. Just imagine going to work as though everything is normal after listening to these news reports as Tom Ridge suggests! NYSE, Prudential, CitiGroup, World Bank and IMF employees, I hope you have nerves of steel.

The Homeland Security Secretary said there was credible information al-Qaeda planned to attack financial buildings ahead of November’s presidential poll.”This is not the usual chatter. This is multiple sources that involve extraordinary detail,” Tom Ridge said.The International Monetary Fund and World Bank buildings and the New York stock exchange were among those named. – AP

Let’s see what our politcal leaders are made out of. The partisan politics of the fall will be our undoing as a nation if we are not careful ! –zzb