Well if this don’t beat all ! Dan Rather is intimating that HE would believes there is a news story BEHIND that of his going on the air with fradulent documents? I wonder if there is any credibility left with this guy at CBS. Maybe the CBS executives should be thinking about what size golden parachute to order for Mr. Rather. Maybe it might even be packed by John Kerry and the DNC.

CBS defense of Rather hints at bigger story: “Of all the loopy statements made by Dan Rather in the 10 days since he decided to throw his career away, my favorite is this, from Dan’s interview with the Washington Post on Thursday:

”If the documents are not what we were led to believe, I’d like to break that story.”

Hel-looooo? Earth to the Lost Planet of Ratheria: You can’t ”break that story.” A guy called ”Buckhead” did that, on the Free Republic Web site a couple of hours after you and your money-no-object resources-a-go-go ”60 Minutes” crew attempted to pass off four obvious Microsoft Word documents as authentic 1972 typewritten memos about Bush’s skipping latrine duty in the Spanish-American War, or whatever it was.

The following day Charles Johnson of the Little Green Footballs Web site drove a stake through your phony ’70s memos by overlaying them with modern MS Word documents, whose automatic word wrap is amazingly an exact match with Lt. Col. Killian’s ”typewriter.” And every document expert agreed with Johnson your memos are junk, including your own analysts.” More….