US officials are concerned about the events in Russia today. Are we seeing a new strategy of terror driven by local cells linked to the general “cause” of Islamic Fundamentalism ?

Reports indicate casualites in the hundreds. The seige was unplanned and perhaps a reaction to open gunfire inside the school giving the russian troops no choice but to storm the school and attemt to save as many wounded children as possible. Reports from the BBC…

BBC NEWS | Europe | High death toll in Russia siege: “Russian troops are fighting to free children still held hostage. There is confusion over what sparked the operation, which was unplanned.Correspondents say the day’s events have taken Moscow by surprise” More

Meanwhile, the US White House condemned the hostage-taking as “barbaric” and blamed the hostage-takers for the lives lost during the storming of the school.”…Hundreds of children were freed in the seizure, though some are badly injured.

“However Aslanbek Aslakhanov, an aide to Mr Putin who has just arrived in the region , said the death toll would be considerably higher than 150. Sixty of the dead have so far been identified.More than 400 people were injured.” More

The world must wake up to what is happening here. Especially the moderate muslim nations. Will they abandon their policies of appeasement and take a more vigorus stance against these barbaric scum? -zzb