In a follow up to the previous post from the breaking news last night, Secratary of State, Colin Powel, is sending signals that the U.S. does not believe the massive explosion in an isolated part of N.Korea to be nuclear in origin. (Photo: Colin L. Powell – Department of State website)

“There was no indication that was a nuclear event of any kind. Exactly what it was, we’re not sure,” Powell said on ABC’s “This Week.” More

The Secretary of State also made a similar statement during Tim Russert’s Meet the Press this morning on NBC.

During his statement this morning on Meet The Press, Powell appeared fairly certain in his remarks. Considering the amount of monitoring devices, space, ground and at sea, it is probably fair to assume that the massive explosion was not nuclear but a statement as such with 100% certainty has yet to be released by the State Department. Mr. Powel also went on to indicate, this if indeed the ordinance was nuclear in origin, the neighboring nations would be united in holding the N. Korean gov’t accountable as he has indicated they are resolve in their quest for a “nuclear free Korean penninsula”. – zzb