ScrappleFace: Bush: Kerry Election Would Heighten Kennedy Threat: “Bush: Kerry Election Would Heighten Kennedy Threat

(2004-09-28) — If Americans elect John Forbes Kerry to the White House, the nation faces the ‘greatest risk in a generation’ of seeing Ted Kennedy in a cabinet post, according to President George Bush.

The president’s remarks–called ‘apocalyptic’ by some pundits–come just a day after Sen. Kennedy accused Mr. Bush of making a ‘nuclear 9/11’ more likely by invading Iraq.

‘Many Americans are too young to remember the threats of the 1970s and 1980s that sent frightened schoolchildren scrambling under their desks,’ said Mr. Bush. ‘Some people actually built underground shelters as a safe haven in which to ride out a so-called ‘Kennedy winter’.’

In a preemptive move against this ‘grave and gathering threat’, Mr. Bush today ordered government agencies and public schools to gear up for civil defense drills.”