By Zardoz Z. Bachman

Al-Jazeera this morning ran a story indicating yet another radical group linked to the general terrorist movement is threatening the beheading of yet another Turkish truck driver within 48 hours. The truck driver, Medhat Chiwi, was a worker for a Kuwaiti company although he himself is a Turkish citizen. No comment yet from Turkey or Kuwait. -zzb

“An armed group has taken a Turk hostage in Iraq and is threatening to behead him unless his firm and other Turkish companies cooperating with US occupation troops pull out within two days.A speaker for the captors, the “Islamic Resistance Movement – Noman Brigades”, said driver Medhat Chiwi would be killed unless his firm and a Kuwaiti company with which it works stop ferrying supplies to US forces in Iraq.

The group made their demand in a video aired by Al-Arabiya TV on Saturday.”

“We ask the two companies to desist from these operations, (whose punishment is) beheading. We also warn all Turkish companies cooperating with occupation forces to pull out immediately,” the speaker said.

An elderly bearded man was shown in the video, with a banner carrying the group’s name in the background. Three hooded armed men were briefly shown.” – Al Jazeera

This event follows a string of multi national kidnapping of innocent middle eastern Muslims in reprisal for the support of the new Iraqi government. It is quite clear that without the U.S. and coalition presence in Iraq, the terrorist acts would increase until the present Iraqi government was overthrown. Other Muslim nations in the area must step up the pressure against these acts while the U.S. turn more and more autonomy back to the Iraqi people. – ed. zzb