BBC NEWS | Americas | Clinton woos US voters for Kerry: “Bill Clinton has appeared at a rally alongside John Kerry in a bid to boost the Democratic candidate’s chances in next week’s US presidential election.

The ex-president, who has spent two months recovering from heart surgery, told Pennsylvania voters that Mr Kerry had a ‘better plan’ for America.

Republicans have said the decision to ‘roll [Mr Clinton] off the surgery table’ smacks of desperation.

Neither Mr Kerry nor George W Bush have a clear lead in the opinion polls.

‘If this isn’t good for my heart, I don’t know what is,’ Mr Clinton joked as he took the microphone in the city of Philadelphia.” More…

As reported by the BBC. I must say former President Bill Clinton looked his old self today during live coverage of the Kerry Campaign at a rally in Philadelphia. It was clear that the majority of Democrats there were more focused on the former president and his health rather than John Kerry. Kerry hopes that Bill Clinton’s popularity with black voters and inner city minorities will rub off on him in the days ahead. It’s a push. Pensylvania will be a focused battleground in the days leading up to the election where the race is a toss up when viewed statewide. – zzb