Another great piece of satire from Scott. Kerry was as abnoxious as could be. Bush may not be a very great orator, but Stan Laurel showed the side of him last night that we can all expect to see more of if he is elected. The family members of political candidates should be off limits and as such the Kerry campaign has sunk to new lows. The following is a parody of an apology one might come to expect from the Kerry and Carvel gang.

(2004-10-14) — John Forbes Kerry, father of two heterosexual daughters, today apologized for referring to the sexual preference of Vice President Dick Cheney’s daughter during last night’s final presidential debate.

‘There’s nothing wrong with being one of God’s homosexual children,’ said Mr. Kerry, an openly-heterosexual veteran of foreign war who is also a U.S. Senator, ‘And far be it from me to pry into the private life of Mr. Cheney’s lesbian child, who is gay and a homosexual. People can’t choose whom they will love, and so I should not have mentioned that his daughter is a lesbian person, and not a heterosexual, but in fact a gay homosexual woman who is a lesbian with the last name Cheney.’

Mr. Kerry said he would send a card to the vice president’s daughter to fully express his regrets.

‘I’m sure Hallmark has a nice collection of cards that say things like, ‘I’m sorry I talked about your sexual preferences on national TV’,’ said Mr. Kerry. ‘But I really wasn’t trying to remind conservatives that the vice president has a daughter who is not heterosexual, but rather a homosexual lesbian gay woman named Cheney.’

Mr. Kerry’s running mate, John Edwards, will reportedly issue an apology tomorrow for similar remarks he made during his debate with Mr. Cheney.” – Scott Ott / Scrapleface

Read the comments at the site… they are even better than the satire !!