Tonight the 3rd Presidential Debate will be held as millions of Americans find themselves conflicted between watching the penultimate rivalry in sports versus watching a similar struggle for the next occupant of the White House! What rocket scientist scheduled these two event during the same day and timeslots? Where they the same media neanderthals that scheduled the AL Division Champoinship in the same timeframe as the NL Division Championship this evening !

It is remarkable that with as critical an issue as electing the next President during a period of global turmoil, the political campaigns did not recognize the conflict earlier in discussions with network executives ! (Or did they recognized it but not give a damn about it? )

Maybe the campaign and network executives have significant holdings in TIVO ? Sadly, Americans find themselves living more and more in a world of soundbites heavely coated with bias from the media outlets reporting the events after the fact. It is rare that we can observe a live event like a debate and make up our own minds.

It is unfortuante and a disgrace that both campaigns could not have anticipated this conflict… oh yes… there is TIVO, VCRs, Sports Bars and Split TV screens but come on… what were they thinking ???