You gotta love Scott Ott over a Scrapple Face. He captures the spirit of Dan Rather’s resignation perfectly :

“Dan Rather Scrambles to Confirm Story of His Resignation

(2004-11-23) — Veteran CBS News anchor Dan Rather this afternoon said he was ‘scrambling like a gila monster on hot sand’ to verify allegations that he will step down from his role on the CBS Evening News in March 2005.

‘If this is true, I want to break this story,’ said Mr. Rather as he rushed from his office to track down a hot tip on the story. ‘I received a fax from a Kinko’s in Texas indicating that I’m relinquishing the anchor desk, but we need to run this past several handwriting experts and get it fully vetted before we break into programming with the announcement.'” – Scott Ott

In an act of desperation CBS unloads Dan Rather. Mr. Rather joins the cast of dismayed leftist characters who are stunned by the outcome of the Presidential election. Not what you expected eh Danny boy. It was common knowledge that there were no love lost between him and the Bush family in general given the adversarial relationships between him and GW’s dad.. CBS will now try desperately to regain some credibility for a face lift. – zzb