Major offensive breaks out in Iraq today. A clear message is being sent to the “insurgents”.

With Jets and Armor, Thousands of Troops Enter Rebel-Held City: “American forces began an assault in Falluja today, using airpower and armor to attack suspected guerrilla targets and sending thousands of troops into neighborhoods considered to be the center of the Iraqi insurgency.

The operation started this morning with bombing by American jets, while artillery and heavy gunfire thundered across the city as American troops seized control of two strategic bridges, a hospital and other objectives in the first stage of a long-expected invasion aimed at the center of the Iraqi insurgency.” More…

The success of this campaign will have direct implications on the January election. Amid growing concerns that terrorist insurgents will disrupt January elections, a full scale offensive on the city stronghold of Falluja has been ordered by the Iraqi government. What is expected to be one of the most intense battles since Vietnam war era or Desert Storm, US Marine Divisions entered the city today behind Iraqi commando forces vowing to avenge the months of sniper and IED deaths sustained by troops over the past year. It is believed that Falluja is a bastion of terrorist insurgency. God speed 1st Marine Div. – zzb