It’s 6:10 GMT and it’s looking pretty good for George W. Bush and also another four years of Republican controlled Congress. (Not to mention looming Supreme Court appointments). Sure there will be disputes and re-counts but in the end it appears President Bush will get another four years to correct any errors of the previous four. We do try to stay somewhat politically neutral here but it can be very difficult at times and we do admit to be somewhat biased to the right at times. When all is said and done however, this nation of our’s remains very polarized. If the numbers hold up… and who knows they might FLIP overnight, the true test will be to see if Democrats and Republicans alike can re-unite this country on the key critical issues facing us as a nation. Somehow I doubt this will happen any time soon. Regardless of the final outcome however… we do need to stand as one nation again, at least on our fight against the barbarism eminating from the Middle East… God Bless Our Troops and God Bless America Democrats, Republicans and Naderite’s alike ! – zzb