Carville the Fool

Twelve days before the election, James Carville stood in a Beverly Hills living room surrounded by two generations of Hollywood stars. After being introduced by Sen. John Kerry?s daughter, Alexandra, he told the room ? confidently, almost cockily ? that the election was in the bag.

?If we can?t win this damn election,? the advisor to the Kerry campaign said, ?with a Democratic Party more unified than ever before, with us having raised as much money as the Republicans, with 55% of the country believing we?re heading in the wrong direction, with our candidate having won all three debates, and with our side being more passionate about the outcome than theirs ? if we can?t win this one, then we can?t win shit! And we need to completely rethink the Democratic Party.? More…

Read this article if you want to get a good laugh at just what a fool James Carville is and the rest of the Democratic political advisors to the Kerry “failed” campaign. – zzb