Forces Find ‘Slaughterhouses’ in Fallujah: “In one of the most dramatic clashes of the day, snipers fired on U.S. and Iraqi troops from the minarets of the Khulafah Al Rashid mosque, the military said. Marines said the insurgents waved a white flag at one stage but then opened fire, BBC’s embedded correspondent Paul Wood reported. The troops called in four precision airstrikes that destroyed the minarets but left the mosque standing.

Pool footage showed U.S. forces battling insurgents in a neighborhood surrounding the mosque. Troops were pinned down by gunfire on a rooftop, forced to hit the deck and lay on their stomachs.

‘We’re taking fire from the mosque,’ one of the Americans said. Forces returned fire, blasting the mosque ? a large domed building flanked by two minarets ? and sending up clouds of debris.

‘When they’re using a mosque to do command and control for insurgents and kill my fellow Marines and soldiers and airmen that are out here ? No holds barred, the gloves are off,’ said Marine Staff Sgt. Sam Mortimer. “

Fighting intensifies in Fallujah and with no surprise, the enemy uses a mosque as a shield, while sites used for beheadings were found and characterized as “slaughter houses”.