Now that the minor distraction of a Presidential election is behind us and getting back to more serious issues, the world may soon be rid of the “Father of Terrorism”, Yasser Arafat.

BBC NEWS | Middle East | Arafat’s health ‘suffers setback’: “Mr Arafat is being treated at a military hospital in Paris for an undisclosed medical condition.

Palestinian envoy Leila Shahid told the BBC that his health had suffered a setback, but gave no further details.

Her statement followed rumors that Mr Arafat had been vomiting and lapsing in and out of consciousness, before being moved to intensive care.” – BBC News More…

Maybe watching the U.S. Presidential election was just too much for him! We wonder how many virgins will be waiting for him at the pearly gates ? We suspect this will be spun by the Palestinians as assassination by “Zionists” and martyrdom when he finally leaves the Middle East and this planet for good. — zzb