An update on the fund rasing going on over at ScrappleFace — including unconfirmed reports that the US Fleet off the coast of Japan is moving into the area for assistance.

“JCOC just announced the redirection of two carrier groups from Japan to the Thai Gulf complete with Tomcats and helicopters to do air photo assessments and rescue operations. You gotta love those swabbies and jar heads in the fleet.

Once again the American Military is risking life and limb to help nations in their time of need. I wonder if anyone else see’s that as sacrifice or just as a duty because we’re a rich western nation.

How much do you suppose it costs to redirect two carrier groups and retask a couple of satellites?” – [comment from Scrappleface]

So far we have not heard from the U.N and Koffi Annan except criticism. We will do the right thing regardless. That’s what makes us civilized and sets us apart from the Mujadeen and Al Queda. Anyone check on Al-Jazeera to see what they are reporting today ? – zzb